Slovenian police next to their new official motorcycles.

BMW Motorrad back in Slovenia.

Ljubljana, Grič, 15/11/2016

The official handover of 30 brand-new BMW R 1200 RT-Ps (police version), was held in Ljubljana under the patronage of Marjan Fank (Slovenian Chief of Police).

Due to the high technical and tactical requirements of the Slovenian police, they chose the BMW R 1200 RT-P.

The motorcycles delivered are equipped with wiring harnesses and switches for authority use (specifically developed by BMW Motorrad), an auxiliary battery for connecting the radio, visual warning lights and emergency power siren, and a radio transceiver box to install the specified radio system.

The front and rear safety bars help to protect the rider and the motorcycle and their equipment from injury and damage in the event of an accident.

The motorcycles meet multiple challenges. They are used as standard police motorcycles (blue visual warning light), but they are also used as convoy motorcycles (red visual warning lights)

BMW Motorrad would like to wish the Slovenian police A GOOD JOURNEY and looks forward to a lasting partnership.