NRW: Police receive new R 1200 RT-P motorcycles from BMW.

North Rhine-Westfalia police force modernises motorcycle squad.

Dusseldorf, 21/10/2015

The police fleet of North Rhine-Westfalia's German motorcycle squad has been modernised. The first police motorcycle officers were able to take delivery of their new BMW R 1200 RT-Ps (P stands for Police) as early as October.

The rest of the vehicles ordered were delivered to several police authorities in and around Duisburg by the end of 2015.

The “STOP signal” was specially developed by BMW Motorrad and provides additional safety when stopping vehicles in traffic in addition to the high-visibility foils.

In addition, the neon-yellow helmets and the various riding modes (“Rain” and “Road”) on the BMW R 1200 RT-P also ensure optimum control of the vehicle and protection for the rider, even in bad weather conditions.

“The new motorcycles meet the high technical and operational requirements for day-to-day duty,” explains Jürgen Mathies, Director of the regional office for central police services.