Turkey: 284 new F 850 GS for increased safety.

Istanbul, December 2018

284 new F 850 GS motorcycles were put into service at an official ceremony in Istanbul. The vehicles are to be deployed as part of traffic units, providing support for the Safety Directorate and the police force. Guests at the handover event included the Turkish Minister of the Interior Mr. Süleyman Soylu, the Deputy Minister of the Interior Mr. Muhterem Ince, Safety Director Celal Uzunkay and numerous other politicians and police representatives.

Among other things, the aim of extending the motorcycle fleet is to implement a strategy and action plan to increase safety on motorways. This plan seeks to reduce traffic fatalities by 50% by the year 2020.

The high flexibility and particular agility of the F 850 GS motorcycles in dense city traffic are among its outstanding advantages as compared to other authority vehicles. This is just one of the reasons why the organisations involved were pleased at this addition to their fleets: they feel strongly that the F 850 GS models will contribute substantially to achieving their targets.

Of the 284 vehicles purchased, 224 will be used by the traffic police, while the remaining 60 will go to subsidiary organisations of the police.